ATM withdrawals

If you’ve come to Dublin from anywhere in the Eurozone, ATM withdrawals are probably the cheapest and easiest way to get more Euros. Most Irish ATMs accept both Visa and MasterCard, so it’s simply a question of using your credit or debit card to make a withdrawal.

Do keep in mind though that you may be charged a fee for using the ATM. It’s best to always check with your bank back home to see whether they charge any fees for using foreign ATMs, even within the EU.

Even if your home currency isn’t the Euro, you may get a favourable exchange rate from ATMs. Ask your bank back home whether they’ve an arrangement for fee-free withdrawals with an Irish bank, or simply confirm what fees they charge.

In addition, HSBC has a large presence in Ireland. If you’re an Advance or Premier customer back home, you can make fee-free withdrawals from HSBC’s ATM network worldwide.

While ATMs can be great places to exchange currency, they can also be a very bad deal if you’re not careful.

Some ATMs will offer to charge you in your home currency. This sounds nice in theory, but is actually a bad idea. If you agree to be charged in your home currency, you’re effectively asking the ATM to make up an exchange rate for you. When in Dublin, always perform ATM transactions in Euros. Otherwise, the ATM’s bank will assign its own (usually poorer) exchange rate to the conversion and charge an extra fee for the service.

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